Concept Art

Through concept art, I convey my vision, like many. Here you can find some designs and concepts I created back in college!

Concept art of a woodcutter character. He starts with an axe, is more resistant against cold, but is not a good cook.
Concept art of a farmer character. It starts with a shotgun, has more stamina but is vulnerable against attacks.
A gladiator standing in an attack stance while another gladiator stands in front of him.
Concept art of a person wearing wooden armor and holding a wooden staff.
Concept art of an urban sci-fi character.
A noble woman in roman times trying to help a servant who dropped a bowl of grapes.

The guard shouted at me like I was a dog. “Hey, what are you doing there? How dare you preform such foolish acts in front of her majesty!”

“I’m sorry, I’m so-” The emperors’ wife interrupted me. “It’s ok Domitius, you don’t have to shout at her.”

She stood up for me, nobody ever did… “Let me help you.” She said to me kindly.