Hi, I’m Patrick.

I am an AR specialist and game designer living in Germany. I’m a Scheper of many different projects and prototypes. I love working on details and am dedicated to get the job done. 👌



I am working currently as a field engineering AR specialist at PTC.

I’m creating engaging AR experiences, supporting customers with challenges, building valuable and cost-saving prototypes and preparing, presenting and delivering workshops.

2019 – Present | PTC


Hands-On Augmented Reality with ARCore and Unity

Authored an online course with Packt Publising to create augmented reality experiences using ARCore in Unity.

The course consists of six sections. In the first few sections I discuss the history of AR and how to implement ARCore in Unity.

I dedicated three different sections to different projects each showing off the capabilities of ARCore. It ranges from utilizing face recognition to create face mask filters, creating an AR driving game, and an interactive poster with image targets.

The course ends with some thoughts about the future of AR.

2019 | Packt Publishing

Quizzmas Arcade Machine

I worked on a physical arcade machine that was used for internal and external events.

The arcade game was simple. Two players, two buzzers, and a lot of questions about the specific event. But there was a twist: alcohol dispensers.

The game starts with putting two shot cups underneath the dispensers. Each time the player answered wrong, it would get a small amount of hard liquor. And visa versa when answered correct.

At the end the players entered their names for the high-scores and drank together their glory and mistakes.

The game was created in Unity, the buzzers, lights and shot dispensers steered by an Arduino.

2017-2018 | Herren der Schöpfung

Hyundai i30 Touch Table – IAA 2017

Created an interactive touch table for Hyundai displayed at the 2017 International Automotive Show in Frankfurt.

The table displayed all the features of the Hyundai i30.

The software, interactivity, shaders, and object initialization was created in Unity.

2017 | Herren der Schöpfung

Unheard: Training Facility

This was my first game I ever created.

You play as an average space commander who’s trying to build-up its shooting skills when something horrible happens…

To give the game more depth, a lot of objects were interactable and had ‘thoughts’ attached. Thoughts would be shown in blue text as if the character would think about it.

The game was created in Construct 2. I was responsible for concepting, design, prototyping, developing and testing.

2014 | Personal


HDS Creations

This is a small collection of random images and GIFs from the development of the countless prototypes I made during my time at Herren der Schöpfung.

Many topics have been touched during the two years at HDS such as: shader programming, networking, augmented reality, virtual reality, image processing, etc.

2017 Р2019 | Herren der Sch̦pfung

Prison Outbreak

Developed a small game for a prototyping jam with the theme “Prison” at college.

A prison is overtaken by its inmates and you’re the only guard left to escape. The player has to find the exit through the prison to win the game.

Every time the player starts the game, enemies and furniture change their position and look to make the level more interesting when replayable.

I was responsible for the concept, art and development of the project.

2016 | Personal | Game Jam


Zombie-fu was a little ‘whack-a-zombie’ game created with a friend in college.

The goal was to kill all the zombies with a special ‘zombie-fu kick’, if zombies get out of the grave, they’ll follow the player.

I was responsible of the art creation, user interface and testing. It’s a beautiful memory to one of the most fun group projects of college.

2015 | Personal

I’ve been an game developer, designer, video editor, author, 2D artist, 3D modeller, and I am constantly improving myself and try to help others around me. I’ve worked with software companies, design agencies and schools where I’ve contributed to dozen of awesome projects. Let’s get into contact!