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Currently, I am working as a field engineering AR specialist at PTC.

2019 – Present | PTC


Quizzmas Arcade Machine

An arcade and drinking machine with a quiz game.

The game is simple. Two player, two buzzers and loads of fun questions. The quickest person can answer and who’s wrong, has to drink.

I was responsible for prototyping and developing the game.

Questions could be written in an excel sheet which was exported to a CSV which was read by the system. This way we could change the questions on the fly.

The physical buttons, lights and shot dispensers are being steered via Unity interacting with an Arduino.

2017 | Herren der Schöpfung

Hyundai i30 Touch Table – IAA 2017

A touch table that we made for Hyundai at the IAA 2017.

I was responsible for the full Unity development. This included touch interaction, shaders and object initialization.

2017 | Herren der Schöpfung

Unheard: Training Facility

You play as an average space commander who’s trying to build-up the shooting skills when something horrible happens…

Unheard is the first game I created. I was responsible for the whole project, concepting, pixelating, prototyping, developing and testing.

To give the game more depth, a lot of objects were interactable and had ‘thoughts’ attached. Thoughts would be shown in blue text as if the character would think about it.

2014 | Personal


HDS Prototypes

This is a small collection of random images and GIFs from the development of the countless prototypes I made during my awesome time at Herren der Schöpfung.

2017 – 2019 | Herren der Schöpfung

Prison Outbreak

Prison outbreak is a single player game created for a prototyping jam with the theme “Prison”.

A prison is overtaken by its inmates and you’re the only guard left to escape. The player has to find the exit through the prison to win the game. Every time the player starts the game, enemies and furniture change their position and look.

I was responsible for the concept, art and development of the project.

2016 | Personal | Game Jam

Alien Planet

Alien Planet was a project to prototype and test different finite-state machine systems. The game designer could choose a variation of pre-made behaviours to create compelling AI in the game.

I was responsible for the development of the systems.

2016 | Personal


Zombie-fu was a little ‘whack-a-zombie’ game created with a friend in college.

The goal is to kill all the zombies with a special zombie-fu kick, if zombies get out of the grave, they’ll follow the player.

I was responsible of the art creation, user interface and testing. It’s a beautiful memory to one of the most fun group projects of college.

2015 | Personal